Course redesign for blended, hybrid, and online learning, active learning in face-to-face and online spaces instructional media creation and integration (e.g., in-video quizzing, academic technology research and application, project management, learning management system (LMS), user training and support, faculty consulting and support for teaching and learning.

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Margaret Merrill is an Instructional Designer and Educational Technologist with Academic Technology Services (ATS). She works with faculty as they consider how to use technology in strategic and pedagogically sound ways in their teaching. Her dissertation research was on communities among foreign language teachers, and she enjoys helping all teachers recognize the resource that teachers are for each other. Previously, Margaret has taught junior high French, run faculty support programs, created technology-supported foreign language learning materials, and held a boom mic for the filming of a movie in Romania.


  • Course redesign for blended, hybrid, and online learning
  • Active learning in face-to-face and online spaces
  • Instructional Media Creation and Integration (e.g., in-video quizzing)
  • Academic Technology Research and Application
  • Project management
  • Learning Management System (LMS) User Training and Support
  • Faculty Consulting and Support for Teaching and Learning